Wide receiver Josh Gordon is confident to return to the top

wide receiver Josh Gordon finally ended the period of Ineligibility for nearly two years, returning to the team’s training ground.

Since December 2014, he did not participate in any official match, even not train with his teammates, which make people show skepticism to Gordon’s state as a long-term absence. But the catching king of 2013 season is very confident to return to the top league level.

Josh Gordon

Gordon said in an interview Monday: “I am very confident in my own ability, I know my strength.” Previously, coach Hue Jackson had made it clear that Gordon’s figure came out of shape and he needed to lose weight immediately. According to observe these days, Gordon weight loss quite successful, his body was restored a lot, and his teammates also very excited about his return. Gordon also said: “It feels like home, I am very happy to be together with my brother fought every day.”

Although Gordon’s suspension will continue to the fourth week of the regular season, he can be able to behalf of the team in the preseason. Brown is likely to make him and the first-round pick Corey Coleman and Terrelle Pryor as the starting of a three wide receiver formation.